Acabo de hacer una prueba. Estoy muy enojada con los cambios a google reader, pero parece que hay una manera de darles la vuelta. Acabo de abrir un dominio nuevo en blogspot para publicar todo lo que antes hubiera compartido en google reader. Si se suscriben a ese nuevo blog, podrán ver las cosas compartidas como antes... es una solución estúpida por panchera, pero la prefiero a dejar de compartir información. Los invito a suscribirse y a abrir su propio sitio para que yo pueda ver lo que comparten.

I just did a test. I am really angry at the changes in google reader , but there seems to be a way around it. I have just opened a new blogspot site where I will publish all the items that I would have normally shared in google reader. If you subscribe to that new blog, you can still see shared items like before.... it is an annoying solution because of the etxra work, but I prefer to do that over not sharing information. I invite you to subscribe and to open your own site so i can see your shared items.

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Julia dijo...

It does suck that they took away the sharing from Google Reader. Rob and I have started sharing in Google+, which I guess is what they want us to do. Anyway, we are each other's main audience for the sharing so we are doing it over there. That's where my sporadic sharing will be, FYI.

Verde dijo...

Yo creo mucho mas en tu solución asi que ya me uní.


Kirsch dijo...

I think a better solution is to use the granddaddy of link sharing services: Delicious (formerly del.icio.us).

It is now out of the dark ages (Yahoo! ownership) and is seeing improvements again.

You can "Send To" delicious from Google Reader pretty easily. Then anyone can subscribe to the delicious feed. Mine is at http://delicious.com/marcoskirsch

If you don't care about tagging the links, then this is a pretty fast way of doing it, and not a "hack" like opening a blog for it.

Also, it's pretty easy to post on delicious from outside of Google Reader.