25 random facts about me (in no meaningful order)

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1- I have had cats as pets for most of my life. One of them was Greta, my most beloved non-human creature, who lived 17 years. I miss having cats.

2- Besides science, the only other career I ever attempted to have was dancing (ballet and contemporary). I danced very seriously for 5 years... forever ago.

3- Besides science, the activity that I have practiced the longest was stage acting. I did it for 7 years, always at school. I have found that such background is useful more often than I would have thought.

4- I have lived in four cities, in four countries, in two continents. None of them had under a million people (counting suburban areas), one of them currently has 20 million people. I like big cities.

5- I have voted in three presidential elections and two intermediate ones, all in the same country. I have voted for four different parties, most of them identified with the left. I think voting is a serious obligation even though I dislike many politicians.

6- Watching films is a fundamental part of my existence, it is almost a religion for me. I am told the first film I saw in a theater was a version of Tarzan, at the age of three, I don’t remember it at all.

7- I love music, I buy a lot of CDs and I go to a lot of concerts, you could almost call that a vice of mine. There are a couple of bands that I have seen live over ten times. The most I have traveled to see a concert was 9844 kms.

8- Science defines my life now. I think that even if I stopped being an active scientist, science would still define my life. I like being a scientist.

9- Curious fact: only one of my ex boyfriends is my friend in facebook (or two, it depends how strictly you count)

10- I love food. I love cooking. Sometimes I plan my days or weeks around meals. I am very fond of coming back to restaurants I like several times in a row.

11- I speak two languages fluently and I speak two more at a very dumb conversational level. I like learning languages, although I am kind of slow at it.

12- My career has given me the chance to travel a lot. I have visited twenty-few countries and I hope to see a few more before I leave this planet. I have come to hate the airport part of traveling, but I still think the new knowledge is worth the pain.

13- I have a sizable and fun extended family, as well as a wonderful loving nuclear one. I normally enjoy very much spending time with my family and being far from them is one of the worst aspects of my current living situation.

14- Where I come from, marriage was not a given, you might or might not do it and in either case, it would be fine. I got married over a year ago and I have to say it was one of the best decisions of my life. It is and has been a lot of fun. I love the man and I feel very lucky to have him be my husband.

15- Mexico is my country, the only one I ever had and probably will ever have. I love it and it pains me to see it in its current shape. I miss living there, but at the same time I feel living in other places has given me a useful perspective on it. I can’t help to hope that things will get better there.

16- The US is the country where I have lived the most outside of Mexico. It welcomed me and paid me to get a PhD. It gave birth to many people I care about. Those are enough reasons for it to have a nice place in my heart.

17- Canada is the first place I lived in outside of Mexico. My time there was tremendously educational and kind of a perfect dream. I like that country a lot, but the weather could be better for my taste.

18- I currently live in Germany. I never ever thought I would be learning German at this age. I am amazed of how much I like certain aspects of German culture. I am not amazed at how much I like German beer.

19- I spent about 26 years of my life enrolled in school. I am a deeply academic person. I am the first person in my family to get a PhD. I hope I won’t be the last one.

20- There was a time when I had a very strong fixation for U2. I am more reasonable now, but I look back on those years with tenderness. I am very thankful for the good, equally fixated friends I acquired during those days and that are still around.

21- I am a friendly person. I have a good number of dear friends. I think I am a good friend and I value close friendship very highly.

22- I grew up in perfect weather, so almost anything is extreme for me. Montreal, Austin and Munich have helped turn me into a more resilient creature

23- I never had serious health problems, but I visit doctors often. I think I inherited some of my grandfather’s hypochondriac personality.

24- I am now 33 years old. I was surprised that I never got the announced depression after turning 30. I am quite comfortable with my age.

25- I never experienced pleasure playing sports, never. I have experienced all sorts of pleasure watching sports. The team closest to my heart is Pumas, which leads to a bittersweet existence as a fan.

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Julia dijo...

#3 - Did I know this? I did drama all through school too, and was part of an improv troupe in college. You're right-- those are useful skills. :)

I'm currently working on a 100-things-about-me post for my 100th blog entry so soon I will be even more narcissistic than everyone else.